Give your patient community the attention, connection and information they need with Patient Pulse from HealthBanks.

Patient Pulse from HealthBanks is the leader in Patient Engagement solutions.

We work with single-physician practices all the way up to large health systems in all specialties, and our solutions are designed to meet your Patient Engagement needs. Our turnkey integrations with the nation's leading EHR and PM solutions make it all seamless for your organization.

  • Better Healthcare: 51% of patients say they are more engaged in their own healthcare as a result of the practice's Patient Pulse system
  • Appointments: 22% of patients are more likely to make an appointment with their doctor's practice
  • Patient Portal: 38% of patients are more likely to use the practice's Patient Portal as a result of Patient Pulse

Many Patient Engagement solutions in today's healthcare market are expensive, require lots of in-house resources (technical and otherwise), need complex changes to existing work-flows, and are ultimately ineffective.

Did you know? Patient Pulse is a fully automated solution and will not increase staff time, yet delivers industry-leading results.

A Foundation in Healthcare

Our first products (pre-Internet) were patient education kiosks which resided in physician offices and hospitals (including the Mayo Clinic). Today, all of our services are online with marketing and educational programs in multiple specialties with healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

We fully realize that healthcare providers of all kinds do not have the time to be software developers or medical writers. That is why all of our products come with health information pre-populated for your specific need or specialty and easy-to-use online tools to manage everything.

HealthBanks is led by a core group of dedicated employees who have built a company whose reputation for quality, integrity, and service has made a true contribution to better healthcare in the United States.


We believe strongly that healthcare information should be provided by the patient's specific place of care, rather than from a generic source that the patient has little connection with. This has been our belief since the launch of our first interactive kiosk that resided at the Mayo Clinic over 25 years ago. Since that time, we have been dedicated to developing and delivering products exclusively for healthcare.

Paradigm for Success

With over 25 years of working directly with medical practices, hospitals, life sciences companies, pharmacies, PBMs and other healthcare organizations we have developed a deep understanding of what drives Patient Engagement, usage, and retention of these online services in healthcare. Our products and services have been built to address the many intricacies of the unique healthcare marketplace. Our paradigm for success includes: attracting, engaging, and retaining patients across the entire spectrum of healthcare.

Ready to keep your patients engaged, informed and connected? Find out how Patient Pulse helps medical practices and health systems nationwide engage their patient communities.