Post-Visit XPTM isn't just a patient survey system, it's a patient experience monitoring system

Improve the patient experience
and get the reportable data you need

Patient Pulse™️ has really been a superb addition to how our practice operates and brings back the outstanding service we are known for.

~ Practice Administrator, Harrisburg, PA

over 75% response rate
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Post-Visit XP gives you the information you need to understand what is really happening with your patient community, monitor patient experiences, and ensure patients keep coming back.

Same-Day Surveys

Automatically send appointment-specific surveys to patients immediately following their appointments.

Advanced Reporting NPS Scoring

Responses are easily viewed in aggregate and filtered by provider, location, date ranges, and other criteria including NPS scoring.

Fully Automated

Surveys are delivered via mobile-optimized e-mail and text message.

NPS Survey

With Post-Visit XP patients receive post-visit surveys immediately following appointments, allowing you to quickly monitor and report on patient satisfaction.


Ready to keep your patients engaged, informed and connected? Find out how Patient Pulse helps medical practices and health systems nationwide engage their patient communities.